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Day 9 Shaxi to Er Yuan 107km

We woke to fine weather, much to our relief after yesterdays downpour. This would be longest ride of the tour, and for many riders their longest ride ever, so being wet and soggy would not be fun.
Our ride meandered through a picturesque countryside, full of rice paddies, cornfields, and old mudbrick houses. There was an assortment of animals on street, including buffalo, horses, goats, dogs and people carrying their harvest back to the villages. We negotiated a couple of landslides that had closed the road, but thankfully cleared in time for our support vehicles to get through.
All manner of weird things happen in China, including a truck dumping a tons of bricks in the middle of the road, which only held us up for a few minutes, but gave us much amusement.
Our lunch stop was at the bottom of the big climb of the day, a 1000m ascent! Looking up at what seemed like a wall going up into the clouds was disheartening for many, but Ken and a few others enjoyed this ride immensely, saying that it was one of their all time favourite climbs.
It took several kilometers and many switchbacks to reach the damp, foggy mountaintop. A quick rest stop to refuel and we eagerly descended back down the mountain to the town of Er Yuan.
We finished off our 107km epic with a dunk in a hot spring- the perfect finish to soothe our aching muscles.

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