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What was Yunnanuni?

Yunnanuni was the first ever Unicycle Tour through South-Western China, starting in the Tibetan town of Shangri La, going through the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge above the Yangze River, and finishing in Dali.  It took place in August 2011.

You mean, you actually rode a unicycle in the mountains of China?


Was it hard?

Yunnanuni was a fully supported tour. We had some of the worlds top unicyclists as well as some who have just started out riding.

How fast did you go?

On average- we ride at 15-25km/hr, depending on the terrain and how fast we pedal.  But we had plenty of rest stops and photo opportunities so the average speed was probably lower than that.

What was the total distance of the tour?

About 410km over 12 days, with several rest days.

Who organised it?

The tour was organised by Ken Looi of Adventure Unicyclist, and Jason Williams of Grasshopper Adventures.  They also organised large Unicycle tours through Laos, New Zealand, Vietnam, India and Mongolia.