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Hubert Ng

Hometown: Melbourne

Age on Tour: 55

Occupation: Accountant – Retired

Pre-occupation: Consultant

Years Unicycling: Zero

I’m going on tour because: I want to see China from Ground Zero

I’m world famous for: Being a little crazy, at times… like this Unicycle tour, Total distance, 410km and 80km UPHILL!!!  If the hills doesn’t kill me, the surprise of completing the tour, unaided, will.

People don’t know this about me: I have a warped sense of humour and try just about anything once

The thing I’m most keen on doing in China is… Meet and get friendly with the locals

Ni hui jiang jongwen ma? Yes, I am fluent in several dialects but yet to learn to read and write Pu Tong Hua

How many push-ups do you do before bedtime? None, if I can help it… not because I cannot do it but my bed will collapse.  I love my zzzzz too much

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