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John Stone

Hometown: New York City, USA

Age on Tour: 41

Occupation: Composer, Music Director

Pre-occupation: J.S. Bach, fugues, film-watching, writing, travel, cats, unicycling

Years Unicycling: 30

I’m going on tour because: I’ve always wanted to do one of the non-European tours, but my schedule never permitted. More importantly, I’m drawn to the region for its natural beauty.

I’m world famous for: My massages, as well as funky dance moves.

People don’t know this about me: I love gelato. Oh wait, they DO know that about me.

The thing I’m most keen on doing in China is… experiencing the mountains in Yunnan, meeting some new people (on the tour, and along the way), and hanging out with my in-laws before and after the ride.

Ni hui jiang jongwen ma? Ni de shabi xiaohua rang wo xiao de xiaobian shijin!

How many push-ups do you do before bedtime? Somewhere between -1 and 1.


Frame: Original Coker “Big One”

Rim: Kovachi air foil

Tyre: Coker button thread, and we spell it “tire”!

Hub: Standard Coker hub

Cranks: 140mm

Pedals: Odyssey P-106-BK Twisted pc 1/2″pedal

Seat: Semcycle air seat (though this may be subject to modification!)

Brakes: Yes, a drag brake fitted to an extension

Handles: A little T-bar fitted to the famed Wyganowski extension made for EUT riders.

Cycle Computer: Basal ganglia

Best thing about my unicycle: Having been through 5 (and counting) long distance tours, it is evidently a sturdy machine.

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