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Ken Looi

Hometown: Perth, WA

Age on Tour: 33

Occupation: Doctor

Pre-occupation: unicycle event organiser

Years Unicycling: 10

I’m going on tour because: Like I say everytime, because I’m organising it!

I’m world famous for: inventing the Ginger Beer pancake

People don’t know this about me: I can turn my thumb backwards

The thing I’m most keen on doing in China is… getting some flying pics for my collection

Ni hui jiang jongwen ma? Wo bu hui jiang jongwen

How many push-ups do you do before bedtime? 50, at least when I remember to


Frame: Yuni Steel

Rim: Alex Adventurer 29″

Tyre: Schwalbe Big Apple

Hub: Old School Suzue

Cranks: 100mm cranks of unknown origins, donated to me by Peter Bier

Pedals: Snafu sealed

Seat: Impact Naomi

Brakes: A combination of  Quadriceps femoris, Semitendinosis/Semimembranosus,  Biceps femoris, Gastocnemius, Soleus, and a few other actin/myosin dependent structures

Handles: plastic

Cycle Computer: we need computers to cycle?

Best thing about my unicycle: Its light, compact and easy to travel with

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