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Kevin ‘Gilby’ Gilbertson

Hometown: Blaine, MN, USA

Age on Tour: 31

Occupation: Internet Celebrity

Years Unicycling: 23

I’m going on tour because: It’s the best excuse to go globe trotting in exotic places, and after 5 months of no unicycling, I will need to get back in the saddle.

I’m world famous for: Among unicyclists: Unicyclist.com Webmaster; Among technology geeks: inventing tiny URLs.

People don’t know this about me: My shoulder is now tied together with a (very expensive) rope.

The thing I’m most keen on doing in China is… eating the chinese delicacy, fried Zhàměng.

Ni hui jiang jongwen ma? It’s crash course time. Right now: none. Come August: fluent (I can hope… that I can ask where the toilets are).

How many push-ups do you do before bedtime? None, under doctors order.


Frame: Black 29″ Aluminium Schlumpf

Rim: exal sp19

Tire: 29″ Schwalbe Big Apple

Hub: Original 2005 Schlumpf

Cranks: 125mm, coker on left, schlumpf on right. (now I wonder if they are the same Q)

Pedals: Miyata Racing (MKS G-6000)

Seat: KH Fusion Freeride

Brakes: none, unless I build an eddy current brake for it.

Handles: Coker Pi Bar. (might switch this)

Cycle Computer: 620 Mhz

Best thing about my unicycle: The wheel doubles as an internet satellite dish.

Worst thing about my unicycle: It’s never been to South America, Antarctica or Africa.

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