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Nicola Cassanelli

Hometown: Monteveglio, (near Bologna, northern Italy)

Age on Tour: 31 at the beginning, 32 at the end…

Occupation: thoracic surgery resident

Pre-occupation: juggling

Years Unicycling: 10

I’m going on tour because: why not?

I’m world famous for: I can ride a uni!

People don’t know this about me: I can’t tell it to you…. It’s a secret!

The thing I’m most keen on doing in China is… Wow! Riding with all of you, making experiences, visit Yunnan, discover Yunnan… Well, don’t make me think of it… I’m too excited!

Ni hui jiang jongwen ma? (with a big smile) Weeeeeeeee!!!!

How many push-ups do you do before bedtime? I’ll start tomorrow… I’ll promise! (maybe the day after tomorrow…)


Rim: Nimbus 29″

Hub: Schlumpf

Cranks: KH double holes 125-150

Pedals: Odissey plastic

Seat: Nimbus

Brakes: I’ll but them tomorrow….

Handles:T7 touring handle

Cycle Computer: Garmin Forerunner

Best thing about my unicycle: its versatility

Worst thing about my unicycle: It doesn’t fit perfectly in my baggage car….

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