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Day 10 Er Yuan to Dali 47km

We were still sore from yesterdays riding, but today was the final ride of the tour so we were all looking  forward to it. The ride consisted of riding along a partially completed 4-lane Chinese highway, which was an interesting experience to say the least. Although still being constructed cars, motorcycles and assorted vehicles were zipping about in all chaotic directions. We cycled with a dozen riders abreast in what will one day become a busy highway, not something one gets to do very often.

We skirted around Lake Er Hai, one of the largest freshwater lakes in China. We had a rest stop at local market along the way, which had sorts of interesting stalls. There were live chickens, pigs, catfish, chillies, herbs, tea and other fresh produce on offer. Most interestingly, we even had a stall performing dental work in the market! Tony bought some firecrackers, which we set off at our lunchstop later on.

From there it was a short ride to finish in the town of Dali. We celebrated the end of the tour swapping stories over dinner, and exploring the bustling little town.